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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Be Happy With Yourself in Five Easy Steps

Often the really attractive and likable people we meet aren't the most physically beautiful, the most intelligent, or the most artistic, but simply those that are the happiest with themselves. Discovering how to be happy with yourself is the first step to becoming a relaxed, confident and interesting person that will be as attractive to other people as you are to yourself. Here are five easy steps that show you how to be happy with yourself:

1. Look to the future not the past
Perhaps you have done something in the past that you're not proud of, or maybe you feel that life has dealt you a poor hand. If only you could go back and do things differently.
Well the bad news is that you can't go back, but the good news is that letting go of the past and accepting what has happened is the best way to move on and allow yourself to look forward to a fulfilling future. Realizing you cannot change the past is the first step in discovering how to be happy with yourself.

2. Stop criticizing other people
Looking for faults and failures in others is usually only a way of covering up our own insecurities. All too often we criticize others for things that we know we do ourselves. Try to stop judging other people and concentrate on living your own life in the best way you can; you will quickly find that you feel better about yourself as well.

3. Do something for another person
Take the focus off yourself for a while by doing something positive for another person. Maybe you just offer to walk someone's dog when you know they don't have time, or maybe you go the whole hog and volunteer at a homeless shelter or retirement home.
Whatever you choose to do, it will stop you dwelling on yourself, and when you do get chance to reflect you will find you're much happier with the person you have become. Doing a good deed for someone else is truly something you can be proud of.

4. Know your strengths
Everybody has something that they're good at whether it's as simple as cooking, gardening, or playing with the kids, or as complex as fine art, music or business. Identify the things you're good at and make them a part of your routine. Do something that you do well at least once a week and take time to feel proud about what you have done. Acknowledging your achievements, however small you think they are, is a very positive step in how to be happy with yourself.

5. Do things that make you smile
Spending your life working hard and caring for your family is very honorable, but unless you take time out to do things that make you happy, you will never really learn to value yourself. Schedule time to indulge your hobbies, whether that's playing golf, taking long walks, watching classic films, going dancing, or supporting your local baseball team. Having a hobby or interest that you enjoy will make you a more interesting and fulfilled person as well as helping you to meet like minded people. Taking time out to do things you like to do is the final step in how to be happy with yourself.

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Even the best needles are not sharp at both ends.