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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Everyone has beauty

Everyone has beauty
Everyone has beauty

What does true beauty really mean? Beauty has endless meanings, just love what you think is beautiful.

Beauty, Good, and Knowledge are three sisters
That doat upon each other, friends to man,
Living together under the same roof,
And never can be sunder'd without tears. 
-       Alfred Lord Tennyson

So far, back as we can go, by the help of the written history that survives, it would seem that humankind always had a real appreciation of what is beautiful. As soon as the qualities of objects were perceived, as distinct, their aesthetics where treasured. Beauty was recognized as a fact, and efforts were even made to reproduce it in all art mediums.

Beautiful is a love of brilliance, of warmth, and of vivid contrasts of all sorts, alike in color, sight and in sound. Bright flowers, brightly plumaged birds, clear strong singing voice, and all natural products that were vivid attracted humans to the source.

Having beauty means possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, and think about delighting the senses or mind. 

“Beauty is nectar which intoxicates the soul.” -T.C. Henley. Everyone has beauty but not everyone sees it; everything in this world is beautiful.

All history shows that the world soon tires of its best theories of what is beautiful. It is familiar as a passing mood to all who recognize the final mystery of beautiful things. 

The end is everywhere, Art still has truth, take refuge there - Matthew Arnold

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